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Top 10 Things My Generation Likes


Ah, Millennials.

Are we politically engaged and civic-minded Twitter addicts?  Or narcissists with a penchant for Instagramming our food?  We’re either the most socially-connected generation thus far with hundreds of Facebook friends, or we’re an anti-social bunch who would rather tap away at our smartphones than strike up a conversation.

Such is the challenge of distilling the essence of an entire generation. These are questions best answered by sharper minds than mine. But in the last eight years of running a new media company I’ve tried — with occasional success — to decipher what makes this “connected generation” tick, and I do have some observations.

(COVER STORYThe New Greatest Generation)

Perhaps the fundamental change in modern media consumption is a desire to participate. A generation of consumers now perceive themselves as content creators, with the material they publish competing with more traditional outlets for attention. My Facebook…

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The Big Apple Sketched: James Gulliver Hancock’s ‘All the Buildings in New York’

More NYC love

Style & Design

When illustrator James Gulliver Hancock moved to New York City in 2009, he began drawing the Big Apple’s buildings and cityscape as a means to become more familiar with the city. “Being an illustrator, drawing felt like the best way to do that,” he says. “By sitting in front of places I loved, I spent much more time getting to know the place and learning the details.” Four years later, he’s compiled his whimsical sketches into a new book, All the Buildings in New York, published by Rizzoli. From landmarks, such as the Empire State building to historic Brooklyn brownstones, Hancock’s book is, in his words, a love letter to New York. “Drawing things makes you pay attention to the world around you much differently,” he says. “You see the details that you normally pass by. By going to different parts of the city to draw I’ve leaned a…

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