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10 Ways To Be Sensationally Successful At Your New Job (Dharmesh Shah via LinkedIn)

Key Takeaways:

– Behave as though you’re still being interviewed.

– See your Editor/COS as a person you help, not a person who tells you what to do. (I.e. Change your thinking from “this is my boss, I have to obey him/her”, to “My editor/COS has things they want done, and my job is helping to do them.”) 

– Be nice, be friendly, be yourself – but always remember that the best working relationships are based on respect and trust, and respect and trust are based on actions and performance, not just on words.

– Go the extra mile early – and often. (I.e. Great advice – obviously you’re not going to know everything right off the bat. You’ll still have some stuff to learn: skills, experience, contacts, “the way it’s done around here” etc. But as long as your co-workers (and especially Editor/COS) see you working really hard, they’ll be more tolerant while you’re still getting your head around some of the company/job specifics.) 

– Find a way to stand out.

– Create your own project. Succeeding and even excelling at the projects you’re assigned is expected. Excelling at a project you create yourself is exceptional.

– Never forget why you were hired. (I.e. It’s about you and the company. You want to start living your career dream (hopefully that’s why you accepted the position!). Remember the company hired you because in the interview/hiring process, they saw things (skills, attitude) they wanted on their team.) 

Social Media

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