Top 10 Things My Generation Likes


Ah, Millennials.

Are we politically engaged and civic-minded Twitter addicts?  Or narcissists with a penchant for Instagramming our food?  We’re either the most socially-connected generation thus far with hundreds of Facebook friends, or we’re an anti-social bunch who would rather tap away at our smartphones than strike up a conversation.

Such is the challenge of distilling the essence of an entire generation. These are questions best answered by sharper minds than mine. But in the last eight years of running a new media company I’ve tried — with occasional success — to decipher what makes this “connected generation” tick, and I do have some observations.

(COVER STORYThe New Greatest Generation)

Perhaps the fundamental change in modern media consumption is a desire to participate. A generation of consumers now perceive themselves as content creators, with the material they publish competing with more traditional outlets for attention. My Facebook…

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