About This Guide


Welcome, Unemployed Graduate!*

Thanks for stopping by. As an Unemployed Grad myself, I consider this Survival Guide a work in progress – a way for me to write about and share my experiences – what worked, what didn’t, and thoughts on life during The Post-Uni Phase, including…

  • My ongoing job search
  • Interviewing
  • Resume and cover letter do-overs
  • New and old inspiration and motivation
  • Miscellaneous advice
  • Handy websites and books

And anything else I’m loving and hating.

Across the top are pages sorted by topic, and the ‘posts’ format is for day-to-day stuff.

I suppose I could’ve called this project something more optimistic…’The Soon-To-Be-Employed Graduate’, or ‘The Recent Graduate’. But I’m a journalist, so if nothing else, I tell it like it is.


A bit of background…

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, with a sub-major in Journalism. After I’d crossed the graduation stage at the start of 2010, I picked up and moved to New York City for a year, and rediscovered my love of presenting and reporting. On my return, I auditioned for a highly competitive one-year post-graduate broadcasting course interstate, and was accepted (Yay!) I graduated in January of this year, and accepted a TV journalist position (to start in Feb) with a major regional Australian broadcaster — my dream job! Unfortunately, two weeks after I moved interstate to take up the position, the broadcaster closed operations statewide. Cue major devastation etc…

Here I am, over three months later…still unemployed, though not from lack of trying. I usually enjoy “delicious ambiguity” (per Gilda Radner’s description), but this is getting old. I’ve done over 90 job applications, had four interviews, one “chat about your suitability”,  and two “casual meetings”, re-jigged and re-designed my resume and cover letter style/format numerous times, and generally tried to keep busy. With some success (only re: the keeping busy bit, obviously).

I’ve always had some sort of writing on the go – journals and diaries as a kid, a scrapbook/journal in NYC, and articles I’ve written over the past year and a bit as a journo; blogging seemed to be the natural next step. Let my creativity off the leash, and maybe give others a hand. Before I moved interstate for the (now non-existent) job, I cleaned out my handbag…I’d accumulated 9 pens. I like to keep a record of things…quotes, ideas, to-do lists, whatever. I use the Notepad app on my iPhone sometimes, but to me, it will always be a poor man’s pen and paper.

Hopefully this blog will be useful to anyone else in the same boat. And, even if no one reads it, it’s a good record of my hard work….and will no doubt be a bit cathartic.

Thanks for stopping by…


*This Guide may also be suitable for: Unemployed Young Adults, Uninspired University Students, Young People Experiencing Quarter-Life Crisis, & so on…

More about me? Oh, if you insist.

South Australian, late-twenties.

(I wonder, when does it become appropriate to respond to the age question with a quote like Oscar Wilde’s “One should never trust a woman who tells one her real age. A woman who would tell one that would tell one anything.” ? Not until your 30s…

I think.)



I’m a dog person. I love to exercise. Sometimes with my dog. The Endorphin High really exists!


Mixed martial arts is my favourite, but I’ll run

                               if necessary (colourful sneakers help).

I appreciate good manners.               I fucking believe swearing helps relieve pain! (I regularly test this theory.)

Are we drinking? I’ll have a beer!

I like like tall men. I’ve dated shorter, but always taller than me. Cause I love wearing heels!

Smart is so very sexy.      My motto is simple:

Books sexy

Don’t forget: for me, dairy is No es bueno!

I’d like to learn French.

E.E.Cummings and W.E.Henley wrote my favourite poems. T.S.Eliot is up there, too. L.Frank Baum wrote my favourite book.

                      I love listening to live music.

                                    But my sister often finds the car radio left on AM (Whoops! Not happy, Jan).

Who inspires me? Among others, Barbara Walters. We have some things in common, Barb and I. CBS News producer and 60 Minutes creator Don Hewitt told her in 1958, “With your voice, nobody is going to let you broadcast.”                                         Ha! My broadcasting teachers weren’t quite so harsh, but I committed to voice lessons last year —- and now it’s a finely tuned broadcast machine.       BOOM.

Dull moments and dull men not tolerated. As if you had to ask!


Header image on this blog c/o ~dAmnFlyy 

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