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I Heart New York


I lived in the Big Apple for a year, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it was one of the best times of my life. Some months were better than others – for me, the second half was a lot better, but I think I had to get through the first to know I could, which gave me the push to make the most of the rest!

It’s not like my second home, it just is. I always miss the city. Sometimes it’s something specific. For example, I’m currently staying at my folks place (I maintain it’s temporary – The Unemployed Grad does what they have to, but luckily I get along great with them, and they’re always backing me 100% – ANYWAY!) and if my dalmatian doesn’t wake me up, it’s the choir of birds from the trees around our house, and in the park nearby. That’s when I miss the New York City Lullabye – the sounds of the street in the city that never sleeps.  Manhattan was always louder than Brooklyn, but the same instruments: the traffic – sirens, honking, yelling, tires going through snow slush in the winter, and the constant the low hum of voices….for an idea, check out this video The Noise of New York’.  Takes me back!

I love coming across something NYC-related. Today, it’s ’23 Signs You’ve Lived In New York City Too Long’, via BuzzFeed, via an American friend I worked with at an Upper West Side gelato shop, who posted it on her Facebook timeline. Among the listed items was this one, which totally relates to my little story earlier:

17. When you visit the suburbs and try to sleep at night, the silence scares you.

Other ‘OH MY GOSH, YES’ moments for me:

3. Nothing fills you with more rage than getting on a crowded subway car and suddenly hearing, “It’s showtime!”

6. In the summer, you consider the wind from an approaching subway car to be “a nice breeze.”

13. You wear earbuds while grocery shopping.

14. You’ve become immune to the hot garbage smell.

15. You can swipe your Metrocard without breaking stride.